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Dedicated training in thermoforming technologies

As Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of advanced, high precision thermoforming and packaging systems, with an extensive installed base, we are able to offer dedicated customer training courses at our German and UK offices, or at your production site.

Courses are designed for all levels of expertise. We can offer basic training for your new employees, advanced technology for your experienced machine operators and retraining on new machines. In particular, we offer standard and bespoke courses for machine operators, machine setters, maintenance personnel and mould making specialists.


In each case, our goal is to help you get the optimum return from your investment in our thermoforming systems.


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Training Courses in Heilbronn 2018

RV / RD Training Courses

17th April 2018 2 day course

23rd May 2018 2 day course

6th November 2018 2 day course

RDM Training Courses

13th March 2018 3 day course

18th September 2018 3 day course

12th December 2018 3 day course

RDK / RDKP Training Courses

10th April 2018 2.5 day course

5th June 2018 2.5 day course

9th October 2018 2.5 day course

29th October 2018 2.5 day course




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